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A/s „Dikļu pils" was established in 2000 as a private company in order to restore and manage the Dikļi Manor and its adjoining buildings and grounds. Egons Mednis, the Chairman of the Board of the company, took a decision regarding the purchase and restoration of the Dikļi Manor during his frequent travels past the once beautiful building when he noticed the gradual decay of the building over the course of time.

Following the development of the project, restoration work in the Manor commenced in 2002 and lasted for one year. LVL 1.3 million were invested in the restoration of the Manor. The restoration was carried out respecting all the ancient features ranging from the cellar right through to the attic. Officially, the Manor reopened its doors to visitors on July 26, 2003, the date which is now annually celebrated as the date of the building's resurrection.

At present, the Dikļi Palace Hotel hosts a hotel, restaurant, relaxation complex with saunas, Jacuzzi and a swimming pool, beautiful SPA as well as customers are offered premises for rent and catering for events. On October 27, 2005, the Dikļi Palace Hotel acquired a certificate for its conformity to a 4-star standard from the Hotels and Restaurants Centre.

The main priorities in the strategy of the Dikļi Palace Hotel are the establishment of a leisure offering, rendering high quality services and, of course, renovation and maintenance of culture monuments in order to fulfil the future vision of ensuring that the Dikļi Palace Hotel is an exceptional place! The daily operation of the company pulsates with the idea of the preservation of a historical aura, creating an ancient and homely atmosphere for its guests.

In future, the company plans to expand by implementing various sizeable projects. First of the projects has already been finalised: the manor Barn house was renovated and transformed into an exhibition hall, modern kitchen and additional hotel rooms. The arched cellar is the best place for storage of wine and organising wine-tasting events.

The former Manor dairy building will become home to a museum dedicated to the history of the Dikļi Palace Hotel and its adjoining manor, as well as a small exhibition regarding the first song festival in Dikļi. This building will also host a shop and a tourist information centre.

It is planned to improve the Manor Park by establishment of paths for walking, benches, the addition of shrubbery, as well as the arrangement of various leisure facilities such as a cricket pitch, a children's playground etc.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we invite you to visit the Dikļi Manor today to take a look at the beautiful Manor building and to feel the magic of the beginning of the last century with every step you take!


Dikli Palace Hotel, Dikli, Dikli Parish, Koceni Municipality, LV-4223, Latvia