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  • In order to reach new and higher goals in business development, a company needs to invest in employee knowledge and boost their motivation. For this purpose, Dikļi Palace offers its corporative guests five different 'adventures' for successful and productive improvement of employee professional skills and as an unforgettable team building event. To learn more about coorporate event offers, please click here.


  • Be in harmony with nature, thoughts and the body. Be aware of your value and happy with your appearance. The slimming course helps to remove toxins and excess water. It improves lymph flow and circulation of blood. Modelling treatment strengthens the skin and works against the oedema and cellulitis. It boosts metabolism and helps to focus on healthy lifestyle. To learn more about slimming course, please click here.


  • Exclusive relaxation offer is available at Dikļi Palace where you can spend romantic moments with your beloved ones, enjoy the gourmet dinner cooked by the chef Jānis Siliņš and feel the unique atmosphere of the palace. To learn more about the Dikļi Palace relaxation offer, click here.


  • The inspiration of the new Dikļi Palace ECO SPA was taken from the Latvian natural products. The herbs used in the spa are grown, hand-picked and dried with the greatest care by Zeltīte Kaviere, the landlady of the farm "Silkalni". More detailed information about the new relaxation offers can be found here

Dikli Palace Hotel, Dikli, Dikli Parish, Koceni Municipality, LV-4223, Latvia